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Find family-friendly content in Google Play

Google Play reviews apps for certain policy requirements, but developers can make changes to their apps at anytime. It is important that parents review all information about an app before downloading to make sure that the app is appropriate for their children.

Find family content

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store Google Play .
  2. Tap GamesMovies & TV, or Books.
  3. At the top, tap Family. In the "Books" section, select Children's Books instead. You’ll find content by age, family categories, or popular characters, provided by the developers or content providers.

To prevent anyone who uses your device from downloading or purchasing mature content, set up parental controls.

What the star badge means

Apps and games that carry the star badge have applied for and been accepted to our developer Designed for Families program. Developers of these apps and games have agreed to meet heightened requirements.

Because developers might make changes to their app or game, we always recommend that parents read the details on the app listing page and review the app after downloading for appropriateness.

Apps & Games

On the star badge, you may see:

  • Family-friendly: The developer has designed the app or game for both children and adults.
  • Ages: If the developer has designed their app or game for a specific age group that age group will be listed.
Movies & TV

Google Play assigns a star badge based on the movie or TV show's content rating.

On the badge, you may see:

  • Ages: Specific age ranges based on the content rating, between 0 and 12 years old.
  • All ages: The content rating will show that the movie or tv show is suitable for all ages.

Google Play assigns an age range based on publisher-provided information like reading level.

Check an app's privacy policy

All apps and games in the Family section have to include a link to their privacy policy at the bottom of the app details page.

We recommend that you review the privacy policy before downloading the app to learn how the app collects and uses personal information.

Report inappropriate content

We do our best to make sure family-friendly content meets Google Play’s heightened policy requirements.

If you find content that may be inappropriate for kids and families, let us know.

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