Waxpol Showroom Finish Liquid Car Polish


  • Easy to use Liquid Polish with Applicator. Blend of Waxes and Superior Cleansing Agents gives a Showroom Finish. Clean Paint Defects and Polish Simultaneously!
  • Gently Cleans & Removes Imperfection, Dull Film, Oxidation, Dirt, Swirls, Stains & Minor Scratches without damage paint surface. Restores and revives the paint.
  • Premium Wax Shines & Nourishes the paint. Provides Protection from UV Ray, Acid Rain, Bugs, Dirt, Oxidation etc.
  • Hydrophobic Properties provide excellent Water Beading to Bead Water & Reflect Rain, Sun Ray & Dust.
  • Use by Hand or Machine on All Colours. Use on Cars, Two Wheelers, Yatch, Bus, RV, at Home on Acrylic, Plastic, Gel Cotas, Metal, Brass, Chromium and Steel. Clear Coat Safe.
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